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History in Asphalt: The Origin of Bronx Street and Place Names - John McNamara

When John McNamara was a young boy he walked the streets in his Bronx neighborhood and often wondered how the streets got their names.
He began to ask the people in the area questions and researched maps and books.
Later, he traveled by bicycle, kayak and auto to collect more and more information.
Eventually, he visited every street in The Bronx at least once.

When he grew up, John met others who had similar interests in history and they formed The Bronx County Historical Society, all the while adding to his
collection of street name histories. Many years went by until the new executive director of the Bronx County Historical Society persuaded him to compile his
extensive collection of notes as a book.
Eventually History in Asphalt: The Origin of Bronx Street & Place Names was published.
People all around the country bought it, and it has since been revised and reprinted 3 times.
In 1985, The City of New York bestowed a great honor to the penultimate Bronx historian
and named John McNamara Square at Calhoun and Randall Avenues.
The circle of history marches on.

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A number of towns which were at one time part of Westchester County now form the Bronx. The towns were annexed by New York City over a period of many years and finally combined to form the Bronx Borough in 1898. Records (such as wills and deeds) that were created before annexation were retained by Westchester County. Records created after annexation were theoretically kept by New York City until 1914 when the Bronx Borough became Bronx County.    

Listed below are the annexed Westchester towns (indicated in bold lettering) with their dates of annexation. Beneath each town is a list of the villages which were, at one time or another, located within the boundaries of that town.  

Because records of these towns have become widely scattered, a list of record-keeping organizations in the Bronx and New York City is also available.

Westchester Towns (including their corresponding Villages) and annexation dates that are now part of the Bronx:

Kingsbridge (1872)
South Yonkers
Spuyten Duyvil

Morrisania (1874)
Claremont (western portion)
High Bridgeville
Melrose (east & south portions)
Morrisania (east old portions)
Morrisania Village
Morrisport (a.k.a. Port Morris)
Mott Haven (opposite Harlem)

West Farms (1874)
Claremont (portions)
Fordham Manor
Fordham Village
Morrisania (central portion, a.k.a. Adamsville, Mt. Hope)
West Farms Village

Westchester (1895)
Classons Point (a.k.a. Cornhills Neck)
Fort Schuyler
Throggs Neck
Union Port
Westchester Village
West Farms Village (until 1846)
Zeregors Point




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