Bronx County, New York




Mary Pace, my husband's mother, and her sister, Susie Pace were born to Italian immigrant parents in Cortland, New York. After several years of marriage, the young couple began having marital problems. The final conflict happened when Mary & Susie's mother was pregnant with her 4th child. Leaving her girls with her husband, she was visiting friends out of town, when she delivered a son. She left the baby with them and went back to Cortland to find her husband decided he couldn't provide for his growing family. He had taken their 3 daughters and placed them in the King's Daughter's Children's Home, Cortland, NY on May 13, 1929, giving them up for adoption.

The girls remained in this Home until August 12, 1930. The two older ones were sent by train to New York City - probably to find adoptive families. The youngest girl, Jennie, who would have been only 5, was released directly to a "Children's Agent" on August 15, 1930. We assume she was directly placed with a family. We were led to understand adoption records cannot yet be accessed. (Do you know if this is true?)

Mary and Susie stayed first with the Reynolds at 210 E. 126 Street, NY, NY; Then to Bronx; then to the Zubler's in Long Island; then another private home in Jamaica, Long Island. Perhaps families were "trying out" these girls for possible adoption. Mary was sent back to Cortland because of an illness. She never saw her sister again. Susie would have been 7 years old.

Mary 9. We had hoped that Susie was old enough, if she had been adopted, to remember her original surname and/or her sister's name. While our mother is still able to enjoy being re-united with her sister, we would like to find Susie for her.

We have no idea what happened to the boy, Mary's little brother. We were told Mary's mother named him Paul. We think he was born in Utica, New York. I do have a picture of Mary, Susie, and Jennie taken with their father. Mary remembers this was a picture to be shown to prospective adopted parents.

Thank you for your interest and concern.

The children of Mary [Pace] Parkin

Bob & Jo Carol Parkin

Susie, Mary & Jennie Pace with their father, Americo